Yabu Kota has a Girlfriend?!(Late I know)

On hearing this news (and this is probably old news by now), minus the photos…my initial reaction was a bit shocked of course- I mean not often does idols get caught with girlfriends (especially HeySayJump)- well Keito had started it, but Yabu kind of followed it up. And after that, I just wanted to find out the whole story. And whether it was true or not. But after seeing these photos…

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It pretty much proves the whole thing doesn’t it?

I don’t know about other fans reaction on this, but I was mostly fine with it. He is 24, so I guess that is to be expected. Rumor has it that he is dating an older girl probably 26-30 years old. I guess fans whose bias is Yabu feel really bad/sad about it, and also there is the YabuHika shippers, some can’t accept this fact at all. You know, we have to get used to it sooner of later. I myself ship YabuHika, especially HikaNooBu, although it might as well just be HikaNoo now would it?  But if I’m to be honest, nothing really stops me from shipping them…they still look cute to me, scandal or no scandal.

837c5f47bf5da5a0f77c95c875c78882Then I got to this realization that if Yabu was dating then it follows that…the other members might have girlfriends too right? Only there are no pictures and we just don’t know about it, which they probably do, it’s human nature. Although it’s kind of devastating for some fangirls, which is a pretty normal reaction, but yeah, I just hope no one will follow-up on Yabu’s scandal just yet.

If the time comes, I’ll probably accept when my favorite members like Chinen, Yuto, Daiki, Hikaru and Inoo had girlfriends(Yabu is included in that list by the way), but for now, it’s best if I just don’t know about it. On the other hand, I’m willing to bet Chinen has no girlfriend YET, he still seems like a kid I guess. And Inoo too…because he’s so girly. But you never know right?

Oh no what if?!

What if they have girlfriends too?!

I mean we don’t have to know every detail of their private lives don’t we? It’s just fun to know about the basic stuff and read their interviews…like for example now, everytime I read about Yabu’s answers (in recent interviews), I start thinking he might be talking about his girlfriend, not just random girls right?  it’s funny when you think about it. I’m not being insensitive to Yabu’s fans, because I myself am one, we just have to learn that, we can’t control what he does, I mean if his own agency can’t, then so can’t we. You don’t have to be happy for him if you’re not,  we as fans will have to accept it sooner or later, just be neutral if that’s the best you can manage. Plus hating on the girl or Yabu(or Keito & Kasumi) will probably not be a good idea.

Lastly, like I said this scandal was more or less fine with me, having no negative effect on me whatsoever as a fangirl…but I just gotta say that some pictures were a bit tacky, no offense to Yabu, who I still like as my fourth bias in jump(he ties with Hika)….but yeah here you go: he looks kind of drunk to be honest, still it looked like he was in a party, so I’m not holding that against him. 😉


PostNote: I do not own the photos.